May 20, 2010

Current Events in Argentina:

Here is Argentina's Billionaire Eamon Cleary Invests in Polo Stud in Buenos Aires:
$2.0 billion
Best known for his heavy involvement in the growth of the dairy industry in Southland and Central Otago since the early 1990s, this Irish Kiwi is more enamoured of horses these days.
Based in Malta and running his global agribusiness empire without a corporate office, Eamon Cleary is investing in a big 485ha state-of the-art thoroughbred and polo pony stud near Buenos Aires in Argentina, where he also has property interests, including a shopping mall development.
But his biggest thrill was earlier this year at the Karaka sales, when he paid $300,000 for a chestnut filly. Not just any filly but one with a direct line back to a mare that sold for $US14.5 million at the Lexington, Kentucky, sales last November.
The filly is destined to become what is known as a Blue Hen – a brood mare that produces high-quality foals regardless of the sire’s pedigree. Cleary spotted the filly’s classic breeding lines because he was at the Lexington sale. The filly was owned by fellow Rich Listers Peter and Phillip Vela and was out of Ireland’s Silver and Roses from the Australian sire Pins.
“Both sides of the filly’s family have the genetics that go to create a Blue Hen mare,” Mr Cleary says.

Current Events on Argentina:

Here is Argentina's Current Events on Corruption Puts Argentines in Sour Mood:
On a recent visit to Argentina, I found the people much more frustrated, angry and skeptical about their collective future than at any time in recent years.

Contrary to what one might think, the general sense of hopelessness is not due to the economy.
Argentina has sailed through the world economic crisis relatively unscathed thanks to high commodity prices, and economists project a growth of at least 4 percent this year.
Rather, it's because Argentines see no way out for the massive political corruption that seems to be condemning this country to lagging increasingly behind some of its neighbors -- especially Brazil and Chile -- and keeping it from drastically reducing poverty and crime rates. This corruption that Argentina is in is a really sour one because the corruption as been 4% this year.

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This is about Argentina's Street Blockades breeds 'Anything Goes' Culture:
The street blockades that almost paralyzed Mexico City and Buenos Aires in recent days, interrupting traffic and keeping millions of people from going to work, are becoming a major economic problem. But their invisible costs may be larger than their immediate monetary impact.

Last week, members of Mexico's electricians' union blocked major streets and access roads to Mexico City, preventing people from going to work and school. Simultaneously, in Buenos Aires, there was even more than usual traffic chaos when a strike by subway workers forced tens of thousands of people to drive downtown in their cars.
During the first nine months this year alone, Buenos Aires has suffered 440 street blockades, or more than one a day, according to Argentina's daily La NaciĆ³n. The Mexico City Chamber of Commerce says there have been nearly 200 traffic-obstructing marches in Mexico City, or about 22 a month, over the same period. They cost the city an average of $140 million a month in lost sales because people can't get to stores, the Chamber says.
"And that doesn't count the hours that are lost by workers," says Arturo Mendicuti, the chamber president. "I myself have been stuck in traffic for more than three hours."

May 18, 2010

More Current Events in Argentina:

Argentina's Gallery Nights
Here is an article about Argentina's Gallery nights:
Over 70 galleries and cultural spaces in Buenos Aires' smart Recoleta and Retiro neighbourhoods fling open their doors on the last Friday of the month from April to November at Gallery Nights. Pick up your free glass of wine inside.

More current events in Argentina:

Argetina's Autumn Wine Tour Urbano:
Here is an article about that tour,
For one night in March, April and May, wine aficionados can sample fine wines from Argentina's regions at the Autumn Wine Tour Urbano in Recoleta. Nip in and out of boutiques along Arenales Street, between Cerrito and Uruguay.

Current Events in Argentina:

Argentina had an international muesuem day in 2010 here is an article about that day:
Get a cultural fix on International Museum Day and visit Buenos Aires' government-owned museums for free. Special documentaries, free guided tours and other activities take place. Please check the Museums of Buenos Aires website for further details.